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SGA Executive Officers

sewa-michael-gunn-web.jpgS. Michael Gunn, C'21 • SGA President

Sewa Michael Gunn is from Montgomery County, Md. He is currently double majoring in political science and international relations and minoring in philosophy. Michael took office as executive president of the Student Government Association in the winter of 2018. He is a strong advocate for empowerment, specifically among members of the student body, and believes in addressing all matters experienced by students here on campus, whether they be minor or grave. Michael serves a member of the Maryland Student Legislature, is a student leader with iLEAD and is a co-founder of the non-profit organization, Revival. He loves to read books about real estate investing and politics, and enjoys having discussions based on politics and philosophy. Of the many books he has read, his favorite is The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Michael's hobbies include learning about other cultures, playing 2k on his Play Station, and listening to music, specifically NoName, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monáe, Jcole among others. In the coming years, Michael aspires to invest in real estate and become a United Nations ambassador. His mid to late career goal is to become the senior human rights officer at the UN. All in all, Michael strongly believes in diligence, consistency and a well-detailed assessment of things.

abel-web.jpgAbel Amdetsyon, C'21 • SGA Vice President

Abel Amdetsyon is from Harford County, Md. He is studying political science and economics at the Mount. Along with being vice president of SGA, he serves as vice president of the Mount Conservatives Club and is an active member of several political organizations in the community. He believes in representing the broad and ranging needs of Mount students through his role as an SGA Executive Board member. Abel enjoys exercising, trying new types of food, learning about different cultures, and participating in activities that expand his worldview. He has a diverse taste in music and has an appreciation for modern art. In his free time, he likes to read about investing, world history, and economics. After college, Abel plans to enter investment banking, run for U.S. Senate, and later in life serve as an executive director at the IMF. Abel's leadership style can best be described as objective and logical, with a knack for producing quality and efficient outcomes.

hamida-web.pngHamida Mansaray, C'21SGA Secretary

Hamida Mansaray is from Sierra Leone and the United States. Student government is a perfect way for Hamida to practice what she cares about, which is representation for all people and enacting change. Hamida is majoring in both international studies and political science in order to pursue a career in the international community. Her dream career is to work for the United Nations or the U.S. Department of State. A huge inspiration for this is her father, who serves as the national director of World Vision (a non-profit organization) in Chad, West Africa. The traveling Hamida has done in her life has also sparked an interest in working around the world. She has lived in Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Senegal, Zambia, and has visited countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Spain. Hamida loves to participate in community service. She has served in small villages in Senegal and in her church community in Laurel, Maryland. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new places, learning about new cultures, reading the news and cooking.

Wayne Caroll • SGA Treasurer