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Mount Students Dedicated to Life - March for Life 2013

Emmitsburg, Maryland - Over 280 Mount St. Mary’s University students and seminarians traveled to Washington D.C. to gather with half of a million people for the March for Life 2013 – the annual pro-life march in the nation’s Capitol to protest the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the U.S.

   What inspires so many in the Mount community to get involved? 

“During my lifetime, a third of my generation has never made it past the womb, and the government has a duty to protect its entire people, inside and outside the womb. The most beautiful sight when marching at the Capitol is all of the young people. You're surrounded with young adults who are standing up for their lost brothers and sisters in Christ.”
- Carolyn Shields, C'13

“It’s arguably one of the most powerful ways to further the cause against abortion.  The march gives me hope. To look down from the top of Capitol Hill and see hundreds of thousands of people waving signs in the blistering cold is simply breathtaking. We are not alone in this fight. Not even close.”
- Justin Wykowski, C'14

"The March for life is an amazing opportunity to take a stand for a cause and employ our constitutional right as Americans. Every human life is sacred, no one has the right to play God, and it is important that people are educated on abortion. We have become a generation that hugs a tree and saves the whales, but has ignored the mass killing of millions of human beings."
- Samantha Pinchoff, C'14

“I love going on the March for Life because I feel like I am on a mission with many others to defend what is right, and that is life. It is important to stand up and fight for the unborn because if we don't, then who will?”
- Corey Kieffer, C'14

“I go to March for Life to support the pro-life movement.  I know I am just one person, but every single person gathering together makes a huge difference to show the country and the world the importance of respecting the human person and to continue to expose the travesty that is abortion.”
- Megan Kinsella, C'13

As part of the Mount’s dedication to March for Life – The campus also welcomed over 300 local high school students to campus the evening before the March for a vigil for life and sunrise rally.

For more information please contact the Mount's Office of Campus Ministry at 301-447-6122.

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