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Students find the leadership experiences to be one of a kind, their testimonials shed light on how these experiences help to advance their goals.

‘The European Union Simulation was one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime. It was an interactive experience that help me understand the complexities of the only supranational institution in the world. The ability to visit the embassy of the country we represented was a great experience. It helped my peers and I understand the culture and the mind set of people we represented.’

- Kevin Rein, European Union Participant, Class of 2015

‘As a part of the Leadership Residential Community, I look forward to creating my own hall programs and participating in my hall mates’ programs. I chose the Leadership Community so that I could grow in my leadership skills and learn from other student leaders in my hall. I am excited to be a part of the community that takes student-designed education to a whole new level.’

- Shannon Kreiner, Leadership Residential Community Resident, Class of 2015

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