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Veritas Leadership Portfolio

E-folio example photo
Here is a look at Mount student Kathryn Price's
Veritas Leadership portfolio.

The Veritas Leadership Portfolio program not only provides students with a deeper understanding of how to use their strengths to make the world a better place, but it gives them an opportunity to create a tangible component for their future.

The leadership portfolio is a series of four levels where students incrementally build an interactive online portfolio to showcase the leadership skills they learn at the Mount and to reflect their personal interests and future path. Students can build their portfolio as a virtual résumé and take it with them after they graduate to become more competitive in today's job market.


Veritas Leadership Portfolio 100: Basic Skills Level
Students will write a letter of introduction and complete a résumé workshop with Career Services. Once approved by their Veritas Symposium Professor, students will upload their letter of introduction and résumé to their eFolio.

Veritas Leadership Portfolio 200: Experience & Reflection Level
Each student will complete one leadership experience. Upon completion, students will reflect on this experience and their leadership skills by answering a series of questions on their eFolio.

Veritas Leadership Portfolio 300: Studies Level
Each student will complete an approved course or an enhanced academic experience with a leadership dimension, and complete a term paper. The requirement may be completed any time, junior year is preferred. A list of approved courses will be provided by the Institute for Leadership.

Veritas Leadership Portfolio 400: Capstone Proficiency Level
Each student will publicly present his or her eFolio. The final eFolio will contain a revised résumé and each assignment up to this point at minimum. Students will ordinarily make their presentation in their senior year, to fellow Mount students, supervised by the Institute for Leadership.

Download a PDF of the My Veritas Leadership Portfolio brochure for more details.


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