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VinceWolfeFieldSelfStudy   On Sunday, October 25, Professor Joseph Vince gave a presentation of the findings of
   a study that Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Field and he published in July, “Firearms Training &
   Self-Defense: Does the Quality and Frequency of Training Determine the Realistic 
   Use of Firearms by Citizens for Self-Defense? (Facts and Evidence for Public Policy
   Considerations)” to the Firearms  Committee of the International Association of
   Chiefs of Police (IACP) at the 122nd International Conference held in Chicago,
   Illinois.  As a result of the presentation of the study’s findings the Committee will be
   considering several resolutions for adoption by the entire IACP Organization. 
   Several organizations have requested additional study into methods for reducing firearm violence in
   the United States.  The team is considering such a study. 

Leigh Tippett ESS 2014

My name is Leigh Tippett and I am a junior pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice. I recently presented my research on the Darknet and the Silk Road at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference in Baltimore. Attending this conference was a wonderful learning opportunity that allowed me to impart knowledge concerning my research topic, while also gaining new avenues of research, contact, and partnership. The Eastern Sociological Society Conference was a very open and welcoming community of academics and scholars.

            I found this experience to be very gratifying. It taught me to go into an event like this with a very open mind and with the knowledge that you don’t know everything that there is to know concerning your topic of research. It was nice to be able to share information concerning the dark, underworld of Internet crime known as the Darknet and the Silk Road with various scholars. However, the biggest reward was being able to converse with other persons that knew what the Darknet and Silk Road were and felt comfortable holding a conversation about it.

The Darknet is an underground Internet system that enables criminals to commit crimes without being traced (Steve). They do this through the use of software called Tor and Freenet (Müller, Brecht, Fabian, Kunz, & Kunze, 2012). Though Freenet and Tor were invented for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, this software is being used for something completely different. The use of Tor and Freenet allows criminals to buy drugs, hire assassins, and participate in the use of child pornography and human trafficking. All of these things can be done with little to no danger to the Darknet user through the use of the anonymity software.

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