Mount students may have the summer off from traditional classes, but many of our students spend the summer getting hands-on experience in thier major field with an internship that serves as not only application of thier coursework but as job experience for thier résumé.

The School of Education and Human Services encourages all students to take part in an internship while they are working toward their degree as it is a great way to see what the field of study is like outside of the classroom. Depending on the type and location of the internship, students can earn course credits or get hourly pay or a stipend for this experience. 

We are proud to share some of this year's summer internships awarded to our excellent students:

  • Erin R. Bolte, C'17, Camden County Prosecutor's Office - Professor Joe Vince, Faculty Sponsor
  • Joseph R. Elliott, C'16, U.S. Postal Inspection Service - Dr. Virginia McGovern, Faculty Sponsor
  • Kathleen E. McGinley, C'15, Law Offices of Robert G. McGinley - Professor Joe Vince, Faculty Sponsor
  • Benjamin M. McNamee, C'15, National Security Agency (NSA)  - Professors John Balch and Joe Vince, Academic Advisors
  • Kevin K. O'Brien, C'15, U.S. Secret Service - Professor Joe Vince, Faculty Sponsor
  • Rebecca K. Schisler, C'17,  Hollis, Cronan, & Fronk, P.A. - Dr. Virginia McGovern, Faculty Sponsor
  • Mark H. Stakenburg, C'16, Ocean City Police Department - Professor Joe Vince, Faculty Sponsor
  • Dominic M. Sullivan, C'6, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Dr. Tim Wolfe, Academic Advisor
  • Leigh A. Tippett, C'15, National Security Agency (NSA) - Professor Joe Vince, Academic Advisor

The Mount offers students many opportunities to discover the internship possibilities in our area. Faculty advisors are an excellent resource for students seeking an internship in thier field, they can provide direction and can have connections in some pretty remarkable places. Looking at the list above you can see that our students have a variety of interests and access to significant resources that will give them a great start to their future.

In addition to our distinguished faculty resources, the Mount Career Center provides our students with internship guidance, career coaching and development, résumé services, workshops and seminars, and even mock-interview programs.