The Criminal Justice Association (CJSA) and the Men's Basketball Team hosted 25 students from the Frederick Police Department's Police Activities League (PAL) for their game against LIU Brooklyn on February 23rd.  Along with President Trainor, faculty, and students, the PAL kids cheered loud and proud as our Mountaineers faced an important conference contest.
CJSA has for many years teamed up with the PAL to mentor at-risk inner-city youths.  Over the years, the CJSA has seen documented improvements in the lives of the kids they assist.  PAL students stay-in-school, stay-off-drugs, and stay-out- of-trouble.  Mount students help the PAL program by volunteering their time to assist with homework, teach computer skills, play sports, and lend their ears to the problems of the young teenagers.
PAL kids report tht their trip to the Mount is their favorite activity.  They are treated to a great game a hot dog, and a chance to meet the team members.  Coach Christian says that, "Participating in Mount sports allows a student to learn more than an athletic skill and how to win in life."  Likewise, the CJSA believes that their education and prospective careers begin and end with service to others.  After all, every kid deserves a PAL.