On March 25th, 81 students from the University of Maryland, Towson University, George Mason University Guelph Humber University (Canada), and the Mount competed in the 13th Annual Robert 'Bob' Fram CSI Challenge.  Each three person team was tasked with investigating a triple homicide.  Students needed to locate and properly recover evidence from the scene, collect blood stains, and interview a witness.  The teams only had fifty-minutes to process the complete scence, which was observed and judged by a practicing detective. 
The three Canadian Teams swept the competition with the Canadian Snow Inspectors, Canadian's Say I'm Sorry, and Official Poutine Party, finishing first, second, and third respectively.  The Mount teams followed with the University of Maryland and Towson University teams.  At the following awards ceremony, the Mount's own Professor Joseph Vince presented on how the real investigation was conducted and successfully prosecuted.  Congratulations to all the students who made the event possible!  Job well done! -