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Confidentiality Statement

All members of Search Committee for the 25th President of Mount St. Mary's University sign and pledge to adhere to the following:

  1. As a member of the Search Committee, I accept responsibility shared by my fellow committee members to protect the integrity of Mount St. Mary’s University, all prospects, candidates, and final candidates.
  2. I acknowledge that information is a crucial component of the Search Committee’s work. This work includes information developed and received about prospects, candidates and their employing institutions. I understand this effort is necessary to attract high quality finalists, to avoid putting their current position in jeopardy, and to protect the integrity of Mount St. Mary’s University. Specifically, I will adhere to the following principles:

a.) I will respect the absolute confidentiality of all prospects and candidates. I will not reveal the identity of, or any other information about, prospects and candidates before or after the committee completes its work.

b.) I will be fair, accurate, honest, and responsible in my management of information connected to the search.

c.) I will guard against inaccuracies, carelessness, bias, and distortion made by either emphasis or omission of information.

d.) I will strive to treat issues impartially and handle controversial subjects dispassionately.

  1. I agree to disclose promptly to the committee any appearance of interest in a relationship between me and a prospect or candidate.
  2. I certify that I am not a candidate for the position.
  3. I will place the best interests of Mount St. Mary’s University ahead of all special and personal interests and I will use common sense and good judgment in applying ethical principles to search committee work.
  4. I acknowledge that only the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is to speak to the news media on behalf of the University in this matter and only the Chair of the Search Committee is authorized to speak on behalf of the Search Committee.
  5. I will attend all meetings of the Search Committee and if I am unable to, I will contact the chair or his designated representative in a timely manner.
  6. I consider the letter and spirit of this statement to be a matter of personal responsibility.

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