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SGA Advisory Board

The SGA Advisory Board is the legislative arm of the Student Government Association. The Board is charged with enacting, enforcing, and executing all of the finalized orders, resolutions, and legislation. Advisory Board members are appointed and have full SGA voting privileges.

Academic Affairs Committee

Co-Chair: Sean Munar
Co-Chair: Anne O’Neill
Co-Chair: Kathryn Thompson

Athletics and Recreational Services Committee

Co-Chair: Jacqueline Buzaid
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Gamble
Co-Chair: Bryanna Youtzy

Faith and Ministry Committee

Co-Chair: Jennifer Leavy
Co-Chair: Julie Rose
Co-Chair: Erin Sample

Information Technology Committee

Co-Chair: Zach Britstor
Co-Chair: Claudia Morales

Communications Committee

Co-Chair: Lindsey Diggs
Co-Chair: Zachary Hurst
Co-Chair: Aimee Solano

Student Affairs Committee

Co-Chair: Annina Aracri
Co-Chair: Danielle Beauchamp
Co-Chair: Todd Zuech

Student Diversity Committee

Co-Chair: Heather Shenko
Co-Chair: Sara Wright
Co-Chair: Kasey Zeller

Campus Stewardship Committee

Co-Chair: Teresa Fabergas
Co-Chair: Colin Gbolie

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