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SGA Advisory Board Application

A member of SGA serves as a liaison for the student body. An Advisory Board member represents a specific aspect of the Mount Community and shares information between the students and SGA in regards to that aspect. These aspects are represented by committees. If selected, you will serve as a co-chair on one of eight Advisory Board Committees (listed below). Being a member of the SGA Advisory Board is a unique opportunity to become a student leader and make creative changes at the Mount.

If Communications Committee is included in your response to number 3, please specify which position. See below for position details.

Submission for Communications Committee Only

Advisory Board Committees

Members of the SGA Advisory Board are expected to attend weekly meetings held on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in Laughlin Auditorium. By submitting an application you acknowledge that your presence at meetings is expected and you will adhere to all guidelines and expectations set forth in the SGA Constitution.

Academic Affairs Committee

Addresses issues, questions, and concerns that arise among students and with the four college/schools of Mount St. Mary’s University.

Athletics and Recreational Services Committee

Addresses concerns that arise within the divisions of Recreational Services and the Department of Athletics while promoting the involvement of student athletes within the Mount Community.

Faith and Ministry Committee

Promotes faith through active leadership within the University Community. Members will serve as direct liaisons for the Office of Campus Ministry and Mount St. Mary’s Seminary to foster a hospitable environment for students of all denominations and faiths.

Information Technology Committee

Addresses issues related to information systems management. The committee is encouraged to work in close association with the Office of Information Technology to develop new methods and programs to improve the use and ease of technology for the student body.

Communications Committee

Fosters positive dialogue between the Student Government Association and the Department of Communication Studies, the Mountain Echo, 89.9 WMTB, as well as with student groups across campus and in the surrounding community to promote, market, and facilitate the public image of student leadership and development that exists within the Mount Community. The Communications Committee is a three-person committee. Each position has different responsibilities and requires certain skills. The first member is responsible for digital signage. The second member is responsible for all student-produced videos. The third member is responsible for all written promotional materials coming from SGA. If you wish to apply for the communications committee, please submit sample work for the position(s) that you would like to be considered for.

Student Affairs Committee

Addresses issues that fall under the division of student affairs including Residence Life, The Career Center, The Wellness Center, Campus Activities, Community Service, Recreational Services, The Commuter Student Association, the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee, and CRUX.

Student Diversity Committee

Communicates objectives between The Center for Student Diversity and the SGA. The committee is encouraged to develop ways in which the Student Government Association can pursue a mutually supportive relationship with The Center for Student Diversity.

Student Liaisons Committee

Contacts other administrative offices as necessary.

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