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Housing Selection FAQs

The questions below are frequently asked by students involved in housing selection.

Do I need to sign up for the housing selection if I'm studying abroad in the fall?

Students who will be abroad for the Fall semester may not participate in housing selection. Residence Life will contact students studying abroad in November to complete the spring semester housing application.

Where can I find the housing application?

The housing application is an online form through the housing system – Mount St. Mary's University Residence. The application must be completed by February 10, 2017 to participate in housing selection. See the complete steps of housing selection.

What is the cost of housing on campus?

The cost of housing on campus is determined by the University and is subject to change each year. The current housing rates are published on the tuition and fees page. The housing rates for the next academic year will be available in spring.

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What Housing Selection processes are available?

General Housing Selection Processes:

  • Room Retention Housing Selection: Only certain areas available/ must have all current room residents returning and or all except one returning + additional person in group to qualify

  • Apartments Housing Selection: Only rising juniors and seniors, 5-person apartments

  • Powell Suites Housing Selection: 4-person suites

  • Annex Suites Housing Selection: 2, 3, and 5-person suites

  • Dubois Suites Housing Selection: 5-person suites

  • Brute, Dubois, and McCaffrey Housing Selection: 2-person, 3-person and 4-person rooms

  • Special Accommodations Housing Selection: Must complete special accommodations housing forms by February 10, 2017 to be considered

Themed Housing Selection Processes:

  • Honors Housing Selection: must be in GHM Honors Program - housing on 2nd floor Powell Hall

  • Summit Living Housing Selection: 1- and 2-person rooms; Summit Living will be housed in the Summit Living House and a University Cottage.

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What is the Group Selection Day?

The number of academic credits each student has earned helps determine the seniority his or her application group will have for the housing selection process. The selection order is determined by adding each person's credits together and dividing them by the total number of members in the group, which results in the group's credit average. The group's credit average is then used to rank all the groups participating in the housing selection process based on that specific type of housing. The resulting order provides each group their group selection date/time, which is the date and time the group leader may select the room/suite/apartment for their group. The selection period will remain open until the group leader selects the room but must be selected by the deadline as shown on the timeline webpage.

How do I access the housing system, Mount St. Mary's Residence?

Visit the Housing System Website. Your username is your full Mount email address (For example: and your password is your Mount email password.

Can we change the group leader of our group?

Yes - but the change must be by the opt-in period deadline for the process you choose to participate in. The current group leader is the only person who can change the group leader to someone else in the group in the group setup section before the published deadline. Instructions on how to change the group leader are shown in the picture below:

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What is my roommate passcode?

The roommate passcode is a personal, computer generated passcode assigned to every student. You must give your personal passcode to your group's leader to add you to your housing selection group. When you log into the Residence System, your passcode is always at the top right hand part of the screen.

Where is the Housing Contract located?

The housing contract terms are part of the housing selection application through the Mount St. Mary's Residence system which you can print off the website.

What do I do if I have a hold on my student account?

Any student who does not have their account up to date will lose their ability to complete the housing selection process to choose a residence for the 2017-2018 academic year. Once their account is addressed, housing will be assigned based on availability after the housing selection process has completed. Please note that housing and/or specific placement is not guaranteed if a student does not complete the housing selection process.

If I don't care who my roommate is or where I live, what do I do?

You should participate in the "housing placement" process. This occurs after housing selection – see detailed information on housing placement.

Can I apply to live in a single room in Housing Selection?

Although single bedrooms are very limited, there are a few options for students seeking such accommodations. We recommend that you form a group of 4 students and apply for the Powell housing selection process for a suite in Powell Hall where you will have your own bedroom. Another option is for you to participate in one of the themed housing selection processes, which will feature single bedrooms in the new University Cottages and Summit Living House. If you require a single room due to documented medical reasons, please complete the special accommodations housing forms and apply for housing selection.

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Will we definitely get a space in the first selection process we opt in?

No. Groups within each process will be ranked highest to lowest average completed credit hours. Your group leader will be notified by Residence Life through email if you do not qualify based on your group's average completed credit hours. The email will include the selection processes available for you to opt into that have not occurred yet. Every member of your group will need to regroup in order to participate in housing selection. To regroup, you will follow steps 2-4 in the housing selection steps process.

What should I do if I have an accounting hold on my student account?

If you have an accounting hold on your account, please meet with the Accounting Office immediately to work out payment arrangements to ensure you can participate in housing selection. Student accounts must be paid in full or payment arrangements must be made with Accounting Office to participate in Selection. 

*** Spring 2017 semester - accounting holds must be lifted to participate in housing selection. Your group may also be affected by this and may not be able to participate if they do not have a full group as well. We recommend contacting the accounting and finance office immediately to resolve this.***

Can I live in my current room next year?

Yes, you can if you have 100% of the current occupants returning to your room. Or, if all of the current residents are returning or all returning except one (1) and you have a replacement student listed on the application. However, there are some rooms, apartments, and suites not available for room retention, even if you meet the criteria listed above. Find out more about the Room retention process.

Who can I contact to find out more about housing selection?

If you have any questions that are not answered on the housing selection webpage, you can attend one of the information sessions (see the housing selection timeline) or you can email

Are there ways that I can meet roommates for next year?

Yes! If you are looking for possible roommates to fill your housing selection group, or if you are interested in meeting a potential roommate/group, please contact the Office of Residence Life as we will maintain a list of students interested in meeting others. We will gladly assist students in connecting with others who may be a compatible roommate match for the upcoming year.

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Am I eligible for housing selection?

You may participate in housing selection if:

  • You are currently enrolled as a full time student (12 credits or more)

  • You are planning to reside on campus in the Fall of 2017. Note: if you agree to the contract terms on the application and participate in housing selection and subsequently break your contract (i.e. you do not live on campus in the fall), you will be assessed a $500 penalty on your student account)

  • You are in good standing with Accounting and Finance Office. (good standing means that your account is paid in full or have established a payment plan, including any fees or fines)

  • You plan to enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours for Fall 2017 by April 30, 2017.

  • You have not been sanctioned with housing selection restrictions as the result of student conduct adjudication

There are no exceptions to the participation criteria above and no extensions will be granted. It is the responsibility of each student to make sure his/her account is paid in full prior to housing selection and has registered for at least 12 credits for the Fall 2017 semester prior to April 30, 2017.

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Do I have to participate in housing selection to live on campus next year?

If you want to select your roommates and housing assignment, you do have to participate in housing selection. If you do not have a preference for roommates or housing assignment, you do not have to participate in housing selection, but you will need to complete the Residence Life Housing Placement Application that is available in April 2017 on the Mount St. Mary's Residence System. Then, Residence Life will assign you to housing in the summer months. Find out more about housing placement.

If your question is not on this list, please email Residence Life.

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