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Roommate Agreement

Instructions for Completing a Roommate Agreement

Use the following information to help you and your roommate build and maintain a good relationship. This information contains communication tips, general expectations for roommate relationships, discussion questions and a roommate contract. After discussing each topic, thoroughly complete the contract.

Communication Tips

The key to every relationship, including the one with your roommate is communication. You need to be open, ask, listen and discuss. Don't wait until things build up inside you and get out of hand. Before it gets to that point - talk it out! Explain in a mature fashion what is bothering you and help your roommate understand why.

The Dos

  • Share the belongings you feel comfortable sharing and clearly state what you do not want to share.

  • Seek assistance from your RA only when situations cannot be resolved between roommates.

  • Be understanding of each other's moods. Everyone has a bad day.

  • Listen carefully, realizing that good listening is hard work and takes practice.

  • Be genuine and say what is going right as well as what is going wrong.

The Don'ts

  • Do not be antagonistic, arbitrary or patronizing.

  • Avoid using inhibiting remarks like, "What don't you listen to reason?" or "We've already tried that."

  • Do not interrupt. Listen carefully to the other person and do not jump to conclusions.

  • Avoid discussing roommate problems/conflicts with your friends and neighbors. Instead, discuss the situation with your roommate.

General Expectations

Your enjoyment of life in campus housing will depend, to a large extent, on the thoughtful consideration you demonstrate for your roommate and your neighbors. In addition to abiding by the rules and regulations, Mount St. Mary's expects you to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your roommate(s).

Ask your RA for help if any issues arise between you and your roommate and he or she can help both of you work through it together.

Roommate Agreement Form

Roommate Details
Fields marked with * are required.
Rommate One
Roommate Two
Roommate Three
Roommate Four
Roommate Five
Roommate Six

Academic Considerations
Maintaining an environment that supports our academic success is important to us. To create an environment that is conducive to studying, we would prefer to set the following hours and conditions for study:

Lifestyle Considerations
Visitors and overnight guests are only allowed with the permission of all roommates. We have discussed when it is appropriate for guests to visit, when they can stay overnight, where they will sleep, and how we will ask our roommates for their permission to have an overnight guest (same gender).
When are overnight guests (same gender) allowed?
Where will an overnight guest sleep (same gender)?

Cleanliness Considerations
It is our responsibility to keep our room clean.

Behavioral Considerations

Problem Resolution
We acknowledge that there will be times when conflicts arise in our roommate relationship. Some conflicts may relate to issues identified in this roommate agreement.

Property Considerations
Roommates should discuss what personal property, if any, will be shared. This includes food, clothing, computers, stereos, and so on.

Safety Considerations
The safety and security of our room and building is of utmost importance. In order to continue to keep our community safe, it is VERY IMPORTANT that residents lock the doors to their rooms as it not only ensures the safety of the residents, but also your personal belongings. In the event that an emergency occurs, residents should contact Public Safety immediately at 8111.

Community Involvement
We understand that we will get out of our residential experience what we put into it. As a result, we will make every effort to have at least one representative from our room at important floor meetings, community meetings, and will act in a manner that is befitting of a positive, safe, and comfortable living environment.

We understand that this is an official agreement, enforceable by the residents of this room and Residence Life staff and that breaking this agreement may result in administrative action. It can be modified, with the agreement of all residents. Changes should be placed on file with the Assistant Director/Hall Director/Associate Director of your community.
We realize that it is our responsibility to acknowledge and address any concerns about this agreement, first between ourselves and then with our Resident Assistant.
We agree to abide by these expectations realizing that failure to comply with them may result in administrative action by the Residence life Office.
By typing our name in the box and click "I agree" we agree to the statements made within this agreement.
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