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Rules and Etiquette

  1. Please be courteous and respectful of others to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.
  2. Please return all weights and equipment to their proper place. It is not the job of others to clean up after you!
  3. Allow others to work in ... take turns!
  4. Wear proper lifting attire. No cutoffs, jeans, or sandals. A full length shirts and sneakers must be worn-no exposed sports bras or midriffs.
  5. Wipe off equipment with the provided antibacterial spray when done. Please spray the towel, then wipe the equipment. Do not spray the machines directly.
  6. No swearing, grunting and loud noises. It is very distracting and offensive to others.
  7. Do not drop or throw the weights.
  8. Please pick up all trash and belongings when your workout is complete.
  9. Do not monopolize several pieces of equipment while others are waiting.
  10. No sitting on the machines in between sets.
  11. 30-minute time limit cardio machines when the area is busy.
  12. No food or beverages (other than water) will be allowed in the Fitness Center.
  13. Do not remove any equipment from the Fitness Center.
  14. Please change muddy, dirty or wet shoes before entering the Fitness Center.
  15. Please be sure to return all magazines to the proper rack before leaving.
  16. All patrons are encouraged to set up an appointment for fitness area orientation if he/she is not familiar with the equipment.
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