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Phoenix Instructors Program (PIP)

Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, and a professional educator:
" A great fighter will influence a generation, a great teacher will influence 100 generations!"

The Phoenix Instructors’ Program (PIP) is designed to maintain and improve the quality of instruction throughout the Association.  PIP complements the ranking system, but is a separate development track and is developed for those who wish to teach others.  For promotions, the By-Laws  section of “rules of rank” apply to all instructors and members of the Association.

Quality instruction is essential to ensure the discipline and mission of The Phoenix Way. Qualified instructors maintain and expand the curriculum, ensure safety, communicate with Hombu, are committed to improving themselves as teachers and in growing the Association.  Instructors are expected to work closely with their Branch Chiefs and Association representatives.

The program is defined through specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Supervised teaching
  • Independent teaching
  • Safety protocols
  • Attendance of  Gashuku
  • Attendance of instructor training sessions
  • Evaluation by Instructor and Branch Chief
  • Certification by Executive Council

For more information e-mail Phoenix Karate

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