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Vehicle Policy

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To assure that only safe drivers are operating MSMU equipment.


As a condition of employment the attached Driver Questionnaire is to be completed and reviewed by
Human Resources. A Motor Vehicle Record check is to be made and the results reported to the
Fleet management Supervisor.

The following criteria are to be used to determine whether the individual is to be permitted to operate a vehicle owned by MSMU.

New operators must sign a Drivers Agreement (see exhibit). This Agreement is to be retained in the
Driver’s file. MVR checks are to be made on all active drivers periodically as indicate below. These criteria will also be used to determine the operator’s eligibility to continue to drive a MSMU University vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Criteria

To assure consistency in determining an operator’s fitness to drive a MSMU vehicle, the
following procedures are to be followed at hire and when the license history is periodically

1. Frequency – All operator’s MVR (motor vehicle records) will be checked at hire and periodically thereafter (approximately every two years).

2. Criteria – We will segregate all MVRs into a four groups: Clean, Acceptable, Marginal and unacceptable.

Specific guidelines for the four groups are as follows:

  1. Clean – no violations or at fault accidents.

  2. Acceptable – 2 minor violations or one at fault accident in past 3 years.

  3. Marginal – 3 minor violations or 2 at fault accidents in past 3 years.

  4. Unacceptable – Any major conviction in past 5 years, or violations or accidents in excess of the other criteria.

3. Definitions

Type A. Major Convictions
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Reckless Driving/Excessive Speeding (30 mph over limit)
Vehicular Homicide
Assault with a motor vehicle
Driving with a suspended license
Eluding law enforcement
Leaving the scene of an accident

Type B. At-Fault Accident
All accidents regardless of fault, unless the operator was fully stopped at the time of impact and struck from behind by another vehicle.

Type C. Minor Violations
All moving violations including exceeding posted limit regardless of the exceeded posted speed limit, Illegal/reckless lane change violations and red light offenses

Criteria to Decline, Assign Probation, Re-assign, Terminate Privileges

q  1 or More Type “A”

Preceding 36 Months

q  2 or More Type “B”

Preceding 36 Months

q  3 or More Type “C”

Preceding 36 Months

q  1 Type “B”, 2 Type “C”

Preceding 6 Months

4. Application of Policy

  1. Driving record criteria will be applied equally and in a non-discriminatory to all drivers.

  2. No person shall be allowed to operate a MSMU vehicle that has not provided a valid personal MVR and submitted said document to the Fleet Administrator for evaluation. The Fleet Administrator reserves the right to reject applications for driving privileges in the act of enforcing the driver qualification standards of the University.

  3. Current employees who are at Marginal status upon review will be required to attend a defensive driving course. Operators will not be allowed to drive until such course is completed.

  4. Persons who are or become placed into an unacceptable status may not drive a MSMU vehicle under any circumstances.

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