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All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan

In the event of an incident that creates an actual or potential threat to the safety of persons or property on or near any of the University’s campuses the All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan may be activated. This is a summary of emergency response measures available to the University. The complete plan is on file with the Director of Public Safety.

Safety and Security During an Emergency

During an emergency, members of the University community will normally be expected to remain where they are unless it is unsafe to do so. Those who must move from one location to another should only do so if it is safe to do so. 

Members of the University community are specifically expected to remain indoors unless instructed otherwise. Members of the University community are likewise strongly discouraged from going to the location of an emergency because of the risk to personal safety and the possibility of hampering emergency responders in their duties.

In the event of an emergency the University community will be notified through the MountAlert notification system. The MountAlert notification system uses telephone, text, and email messaging, as well as social media, to distribute timely safety-related information to the community.  In most cases the University will also activate the siren/speaker component of the MountAlert system for incidents occurring on or near the Emmitsburg, Md. campus.

With the authorization of the University’s Emergency Management Coordinator, the university may suspend normal operations, including curricular and extracurricular activities, until it can be determined that the emergency no longer exists.

With the approval of the Emergency Management Coordinator the University’s north and south gates may be closed and access to the University may be restricted. Access to the university by vehicles and/or persons may be further controlled by Public Safety officers and other University officials stationed at specifically identified ingress and egress points.

If conditions permit, the University president may authorize a community prayer service in a location to be determined.

Communications During an Emergency

The University’s All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan identifies the importance of communicating timely information to the campus community not only at the outset of an emergency but throughout such an event. 

While an emergency affecting the University exists the campus community will be regularly updated on the status of the event and will be provided with information intended to help them stay safe.

Members of the University community who have information or intelligence related to an on-going or potential campus emergency are encouraged to share that information with the Department of Public Safety at emergency telephone number (301) 447-5911 or by email. Incident information can also be shared anonymously through the University’s MountReport webpage.

Conclusion of an Emergency and After-Action Review

When the Emergency Management Coordinator determines that the emergency condition is ended the University community will be promptly notified. The University will then make all efforts to return to normal operations as quickly as possible following an emergency event.

Following an emergency event the Director of Public Safety will be responsible for conducting an after-action review of the University’s emergency response and providing a copy of that review to the Executive Vice President. The after-action review is intended to be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the University’s response, update the All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan, and improve the handling of future emergency responses.

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