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Student Conduct Preparation

Please remember that the goal of Residence Life and the Dean of Students is to support each student as he/she interacts with the Mount student conduct process. The system is an internal administrative process used by the University to resolve alleged misconduct made against our students.

The goal is to discover the truth of the allegations. Residence Life and the Dean of Students hopes that students who engage in misconduct will take responsibility for their actions in a mature way that demonstrates commitment to the education of themselves and others. The judicial system seeks to ensure high standards of respect and integrity, to prevent educational disruption, and to promote a productive learning environment. At the same time, we all must understand that mistakes happen, as well as the stresses associated with collegiate life. It is how a student handles those mistakes and stresses that makes the difference.

Prior to the conference, a Charged Student should:

1. Reread the “Charge Letter.”

2. Confirm that the date and time of the conference does not conflict with your other scheduled responsibilities. Resolving this matter is extremely important and should be your priority over most things, except class and family responsibilities. Call to reschedule if you have a conflict with the scheduled conduct conference.

3. Reread the Code of Student Conduct or the Community Standards. Pay particular attention to the explanation of the conference process and the rule(s) you have been charged with violating. Read over the sanctions and conditions so that you are aware of the meaning and implications of each.

4. Revisit what happened on the date in question.

5. Arrive five (5) minutes early for your conference. A late arrival might result in the start of the conference in your absence.

6. Prepare yourself to discuss the incident in detail at the conference and to answer questions posed by the dean or Residence Life staff.

7. At the conference, share your version of the alleged incident. Speak openly and honestly with the dean or Residence Life staff. Express yourself in an appropriate respectful manner, similar to the way you wish to be treated.

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