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Dr. Terrence Roberts: "Lessons from Little Rock"


Dr. Terrence Roberts: "Lessons from Little Rock"

Tue. Jan 22, 2013 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Knott Auditorium

“In this presentation I [Dr. Roberts] will explore salient lessons from Little Rock, 1957, that inform our decision-making in the twenty first century. We continue to be confused by the construct of race, our concept of community is embryonic, the primary tasks of culture elude us, and our spiritual compass seems to be in great need of calibration. Public schools are becoming re-segregated and private, uni-racial schools are cluttering the horizon. The lessons from Little Rock can lead us to greater understanding and awareness about these issues.” – Dr. Terrence Roberts

Randall Phyall 301-447-5474
Center for Student Diversity
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