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Mosaic Peer Educator Program

Mosaic Peer Educators—Teaching Everyone About Multiculturalism Through Courageous Conversations

What is a Mosaic Peer Educator?
Do I have to be a minority to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?
What is the Mosaic Peer Educator Program?
Are Mosaic Peer Educators trained?
When are training dates for Mosaic Peer Educators?
What will the Mosaic Peer Educator Training entail?
What benefits are there for me to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?
What does it take to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?
What opportunities exist for Mosaic Peer Educators?
How do I sign up to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?

What is a Mosaic Peer Educator?
A Mosaic Peer Educator (MPE) is a trained undergraduate student knowledgeable on issues of diversity affecting the Mount, the community and society as a whole. They are personable students who collaborate to offer programs and other services to the Mount community from a peer to peer standpoint.

Do I have to be a minority to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?
Absolutely not! We expect participation from 5-6 diverse students of the Mount, including all ethnic groups if at all possible. When looking to spread the word of diversity and assist students in creating a place that is not only accepting but realistic, we seek a student group who is multicultural in their opinions and in their appearance. There is no particular number of students that we seek from each ethnic group however we hope to have at least 1 peer educator who represents each ethnic group here at the Mount. 

What is the Mosaic Peer Educator Program?
The Mosaic Peer Educator Program is designed to encourage students to dialogue with each other on the importance of diversity at the Mount.  Mosaic Peer Educators (MPEs) are undergraduate students, who have been trained by the Center for Student Diversity. MPEs will provide basic information, define terms, test myths and correct misunderstandings, and encourage other students to explore how their lives are enriched by our human diversity.

Students are encouraged by the Mosaic Peer Educators to step out of their comfort zones by engaging in "Courageous Conversations" and venturing into the world of the varied student groups at the Mount and in the surrounding community. Together, students and the MPEs will engage in discussions on how they can personally contribute to the creation of a campus environment that is both welcoming to everyone, and inclusive of the diverse students on our campus. MPEs will also serve as the primary facilitators of the Center for Student Diversity Mountward Bound experience (Unity) as well as ongoing mentors to first-year student participants.

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Are Mosaic Peer Educators trained?
Yes, Mosaic Peer Educators will go through extensive training before facilitating workshops, trainings, and the CSD Mountward Bound program at Mount St. Mary's University. Training is facilitated by the Center for Student Diversity Staff at Mount St. Mary's on a range of topics. On occasion, outside facilitators and guests also assist with training.

When are training dates for Mosaic Peer Educators?
Mandatory training for Mosaic Peer Educators will be held. Currently the dates of training are TBD but will take place at Mount Saint Mary's University; All material(s) will be supplied, free of charge.

What will the Mosaic Peer Training entail?
Some topics to be covered during training include the following:

  • Prejudice, bias, and bigotry

  • Dissecting Diversity 

  • Power & Privilege

  • Defining the -isms and schisms

  • Building and Sustaining Inclusive Communities

  • Developing the skill of facilitation

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What benefits are there for me to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?
By being a Mosaic Peer Educator, there are a host of great opportunities out there, such as:

  • Be a part of an exceptional group of trained and certified Mount students

  • Become versed on topics of social justice and diversity

  • Develop skills in public speaking, presentation and work shop facilitation

  • Serve as an ambassador of diversity at the Mount

  • Equip your peers with the tools to create a more inclusive campus

  • Meet new people

  • Be a part of this new and unique peer program at the Mount

  • Be a role model

  • Train others to be Mosaic Peer Educators

  • Did we mention that it is a great resume builder?

  • Attend area workshops and conferences at minimal costs to develop further skills.

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What does it take to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?

In order to be a Mosaic Peer Educator, you must maintain the following qualifications:

  • Be in good academic standing with the University

  • A minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA

  • Have strong oral and written communications skills

  • Currently a sophomore, junior or senior

  • Exhibit a commitment to diversity

  • Display a willingness to learn more about topics and issues of diversity

  • Have a willingness to enhance presentation skills

  • Complete the Mosaic Peer Educator application

  • Complete an interview

  • Attend all training sessions

  • Be available during the summer, fall and spring for workshop opportunities (you will know of summer dates in advance)

What opportunities exist for Mosaic Peer Educators?

Peer Educators are responsible for hosting the following:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the Center for Student Diversity Mountward Bound Orientation Program ("Unity")

  • Facilitate Diversity Training for Mount Student Organizations (SGA, Resident Assistants, Orientation, etc.)

  • Facilitate Diversity Activities at the Mount (New Student Orientation, Back to School Week, etc.)

  • Co-Facilitate Courageous Conversations

  • Co-Facilitate with the Center for Student Diversity to sponsor Diversity Programming (Film Screenings, Community Builders, etc.)

How do I sign up to be a Mosaic Peer Educator?

Download the PDF for the Mosaic Peer Educator. Complete and return to the Center for Student Diversity before the end of the application period.

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