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Credit Based Internships

"An academic internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. Students earn academic credit, or there is some other connection to a degree granting, educational institution. This work/learning arrangement is overseen by a faculty or staff member of an educational institution and by a designated employee of an organization. The internship is usually the length or equivalent of an academic term, may be part time or full time, paid or unpaid."

– Definition from the Internship-Net listserv, May 2010

Eligibility Requirements for a Credit Based Internship

  • Junior or senior (freshmen and sophomores may not apply unless they have officially designated their major and obtained the approval of the dean of academic affairs)

  • Transfer students must have successfully completed at least one full time semester (12 credits) at the Mount prior to the start of the internship, in addition to meeting the above criteria

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

  • Meet the academic department internship prerequisites

  • Not be on academic or disciplinary probation

  • Internships for credit are considered a course, and as such, credits earned through an internship must be paid.

  • Credits earned during a regular semester as part of the full time 16 hour credit maximum are not billed separately. Credits earned in excess of 16 credit hours are billed at the supplemental tuition rate.

  • Summer semester is a distinct term and all credits earned for this period are billed at the summer school rate and will include a registration and technology fee. Students must complete a Summer School Registration Form for internships taken during the summer. The Summer Registration Form becomes available during the spring semester

  • Please read through the Experiential Education Policies and Guidelines for more detailed information.

Registering an Internship for Credit

Mount students can earn anywhere from 1-12 credits for an internship experience. The number of credits is determined by the minimum number of hours being completed during the internship and the internship description/responsibilities.

Students participating in the credit based internship program are required to complete the following:

  1. Review the Experiential Education Policies and Guidelines.

  2. Request a faculty member to serve as a faculty sponsor, and discuss plans together.

  3. Search for, apply, and secure an internship placement.

  4. Complete a Learning Agreement upon securing an internship.

  5. Submit the Learning Agreement, with all signatures, to the Career Center prior to the deadline date:

Deadline Date and Forms

Deadline Date to submit Learning Agreement for Spring 2016 is Thursday, January 21, 2016.

► Experiential Education Policies and Guidelines (.pdf)
► Learning Agreement (.pdf)
► Summer Course Registration (available through Registrar's Office)*

*Students participating in a summer internship must complete both a learning agreement and summer course registration.* Students beginning their internship earlier in the summer must complete and submit the Learning Agreement Form a minimum of two weeks prior to their internship start date.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all information on the Learning Agreement is complete and accurate. Failure to submit the completed Learning Agreement by the final add/drop deadline date of the semester during which the internship takes place will result in credit being denied.

Why choose an internship for academic credit?

  1. Gain access to selective internship sites

  2. Many sites require academic accountability

  3. Think about, and develop, personal and professional skills which will help you succeed in your career and lifelong learning

  4. Open doors to graduate school by having an internship recorded on your transcript

  5. Protect yourself legally under the college's liability policy

  6. Process opportunities and challenges through personal interaction with peers and faculty

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