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Sophomore-year Career Action Plan

The Career Action Plan (CAP) at the Mount is a four-year program that guides students through a systematic career development process. Highly experiential in nature, the program is based on our belief that work is a "calling," a vocation that gives your life purpose and meaning. Each year of the CAP includes a checklist of suggested activities to develop a student's skills and career readiness.

Your focus as a sophomore is to explore majors and careers and to appreciate who you are and what you value in relation to the world of work.

Sophomore Action Steps

  • Continue to explore your academic interests through the Veritas Program and electives.
  • Use Focus to assess your skills and interests and to explore possible majors and career fields.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Career Center. Let us help you with decisions about your major, with your resume, and in exploring internships or summer jobs.
  • Update your resume. Upload it to College Central
  • Meet with your academic advisor to officially declare your major.
  • Participate in college-sponsored internship and job fairs.
  • Shadow and observe professionals in their workplace.
  • Work toward a leadership role in a club or organization.
  • Get involved in community service activities.
  • Secure an internship or summer job in a career field of interest.
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