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Senior-year Career Action Plan

The Career Action Plan (CAP) at the Mount is a four-year program that guides students through a systematic career development process. Highly experiential in nature, the program is based on our belief that work is a "calling," a vocation that gives your life purpose and meaning. Each year of the CAP includes a checklist of suggested activities to develop a student's skills and career readiness.

Your challenge as a senior is to integrate the experiences, knowledge and self-discovery of the past three years, decide on a career path that is right for you, and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Senior Action Steps

  • Have your updated resume critiqued by the Career Center.
  • Upload your revised resume to College Central and search for positions.
  • Draft a cover letter that can be adapted for a variety of audiences.
  • Participate in a videotaped Mock Interview.
  • Decide on the type of professional work or graduate program you're seeking.
  • Get an internship or related work experience if you haven't already.
  • Design a campaign strategy and a timeline for your post-graduate plans.
  • Take a leadership position with a club or organization.
  • Identify people who will be references for you. Ask them if they are willing to serve as a reference and give them a copy of your resume.
  • Consider spending a year after college as a volunteer with Americorp, the Jesuit Volunteers or a similar program.

If conducting a job search:

  • Narrow down the geographic region in which you'd like to work.
  • Select your interview attire.
  • Check the Career Center Calendar and register for appropriate on-campus interviews and resume referral companies.
  • Develop an employer prospect list and schedule off-campus interviews.
  • Tap into your network for leads, advice and assistance with your job search.
  • Attend local and regional job fairs to connect with potential employers.
  • Research openings listed on various websites and post your resume.
  • Follow up on all applications and keep a record of the status of each.
  • Be prompt in responding to employers' requests for interviews or job offers.

If pursuing graduate or professional school admission:

  • Consult with your graduate or professional school advisor or set up an appointment with the Career Center for assistance with the process.
  • Register for and take the appropriate entrance examinations.
  • Narrow down your choice of schools and obtain the applications.
  • Prepare your personal statements and applications.
  • Request letters of recommendation.
  • Submit application materials on time and check with the institutions prior to the deadline date to make sure your file is complete.
  • If possible, visit with institutions that accept you. Send a deposit to your school of choice.
  • Notify other schools that have accepted you of your decision.
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