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First-year Student Career Action Plan

The Career Action Plan (CAP) at the Mount is a four-year program that guides students through a systematic career development process. Highly experiential in nature, the program is based on our belief that work is a "calling," a vocation that gives your life purpose and meaning. Each year of the CAP includes a checklist of suggested activities to develop a student's skills and career readiness.

As a freshman you'll discover new friends, new experiences, and new knowledge. You'll learn to appreciate the talents and abilities you have to offer and will begin to develop new skills and interests.

First-year Student Action Steps

  • Use the core as an opportunity to broaden your interests and to explore various majors.
  • Take an active role in your learning. Maintain a good grade point average.
  • Join and participate in clubs, sports, and volunteer activities that interest you.
  • Visit the Career Center with your First-year Student Seminar class. Schedule a follow-up appointment for individual assistance.
  • Use Focus to complete a personal inventory of your interests, values and skills and to explore majors and potential occupations. Focus, the computerized career-planning program is available online.
  • Prepare or update your resume.
  • Register with College Central
  • Attend employer presentations, alumni panels and career fairs to gather information on potential occupations and employers.
  • Build a support network of faculty, administrators and professional contacts.
  • Apply for summer jobs, internships or volunteer positions that will expand your knowledge of the world of work.
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