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Career Center Programs and Services

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Calendar of Events
The Mount co-sponsors several major fairs each year through participation in regional college consortiums. The Career Center also promotes other local, regional, and national fairs.

Career Action Plan
The Career Action Plan (CAP) at the Mount is a four-year program which guides students through a systematic career development process. Highly experiential in nature, the program is based on our belief that work is a "calling", a vocation that gives your life purpose and meaning. Each year of the CAP includes a checklist of suggested activities to develop a student's skills and career readiness.

Career Assessment/Testing
The Career Center offers several programs and inventories to help students assess their interests, skills and values and to increase their knowledge about the world of work and one's own personality.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Self Directed Search

This easy-to-use computerized career guidance and information system helps students with the decision-making process involved in planning for a career. With Focus, complete a self-assessment of your interests, values and skills and then see how they relate to majors and potential careers.
Focus II is available online.

College Central

College Central Network
Another valuable resource we offer access to is College Central, which includes listings of jobs, internships, on-campus recruiting opportunities and mentors.

Disability Guidance
If you have a disability and are qualified to do a job, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from job discrimination on the basis of your disability. When discussing a disability with an employer, it is critical for you to consider whether or not you will require reasonable accommodations to complete the essential functions of the position. If you are unable to do so, it is important that you tell your employer directly. Be prepared to suggest possible options that will allow you to do the job safely and productively. See our Disclosure Options PDF for advice on disclosing a disability to an employer or contact the Career Center to set up a meeting to discuss any additional questions and/or concerns regarding employment and disabilities.

Internships are hands on experiences that relate to a specific major or career interest and usually involve training and responsibilities for which the student has already completed appropriate coursework. An internship may be full-time or part-time for the duration of a semester or summer. Internships can be paid or unpaid. Students may receive college credits for an internship.

Mock Interview Program
The Mock Interview provides you with the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a face-to-face interview situation. The session will enable you to observe your verbal and nonverbal communication on videotape and to receive constructive feedback from a Career Center staff member or guest interviewer. Mock interviews are scheduled throughout the year. Call the Career Center, x5202, to schedule an appointment.

Résumé Critique
Employers spend 30-60 seconds examining your résumé. A decision is then made to either discard, file, or further consider your qualifications. Will your résumé pass the acid test used by employers? Contact the career center to have your resume reviewed or if you need to get one started. Our goal is for you to produce a high quality, results oriented résumé that will intrigue the employer enough to want to interview you.
Click here for résumé and cover letter tips!

Résumé Referral Service
A large number of organizations who are unable to participate in on-campus recruiting have requested resumes from our students. To view and apply to job postings, register on College Central.

Workshops & Seminars
The Career Center offers a wide range of workshops and seminars to prepare students for job searching and graduate school. Numerous skill building programs such as Résumé Writing, Internship Information Sessions, Interview Preparation, etc., are offered throughout the year to prepare students for the "real world." Click here to view the calendar for workshop and seminar dates.

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