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Career Corner

Current Career Topics for Mount St. Mary's University Students

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and you’re looking forward to days at the beach and laying out in the sun. You’ll finally be free from school assignments and deadlines… well, for a few months at least. You should definitely take advantage of those well-deserved weeks of free time: read books you actually want to read, go for a run without worrying about a stopwatch, or just drink sweet tea while lying in a hammock. Summer is not only a great time to relax and refresh, ...Read the full blog post
Criticism. It’s a word we don’t like to hear. Even referring to it as constructive criticism doesn’t help very much. The problem is that we don’t like being told that we are doing something wrong. We want to think that we have everything under control, and we are good at what we are doing, whether it’s schoolwork or a job. When it’s pointed out that we messed up, or didn’t do a project as well as we could have, we feel ashamed and embarrassed. Naturally, our first ...
It’s not something you think about during the goings on of your day. You smile, frown, cross your arms, or hunch your shoulders without even really thinking about it, much less how it affects how other people see you. You communicate with others with just a wave of your hand, or a nod to demonstrate how you are feeling. Feelings of excitement, anger, or sadness are demonstrated without you even saying a word. Body language plays an important role in your interactions with others and even more so, this form of communication can be used to make good impressions and connections in professional situations....Read the full blog post
If you focus too intently on working through the sludge of midterms, essays, and projects that school demands from you, it can be easy to lose sight of your end goal: your career after college. A great way of renewing your passion for your major and inspiring motivation for school assignments is to connect with someone who has a career in your intended profession or who has more experience than you. Often referred to as a mentor, this person can give you advice about your career, critique your résumé, and introduce you to other people in the field. By reaching out to others who have more or different experiences, you can learn new information and find encouragement to work through your school assignments....Read the full blog post
As you’ve probably heard by now, the Career Center Career Fair is nearly here. This coming Wednesday, March 16 from 3-5pm, Patriot Hall will be full of nervous, excited students, and 40+ employers. This is a great opportunity for you to not only apply for internships and potential jobs, but to also gain valuable experience from interacting with business professionals. Here are a few tips to help you if you plan on attending the Career Fair....
The Career Fair is the pride and joy of the Career Center here at Mount St. Mary’s University. This year the Career Fair will be held on March 16, in Patriot Hall from 3-5pm where students will be able to come in and meet with recruiters from 40 local companies and businesses with the goal of making connections which may lead to job offers or potential internships. It’s an event where students can utilize and apply many of the resources from the Career Center to an actual job searching event. Preparation for the Career Fair should start weeks before the actual event, and students are encouraged to visit the Career Center in preparation for the experience, where they will receive guidance in perfecting their résumés and interviewing skills....
You know the feeling. The feeling of knowing you have so much to do, but you still decide to watch one more episode, read one more chapter, or play for ten more minutes, and the cycle just keeps going until you are stressed and pressed for time. It’s not that you want to waste time, sometimes you just don’t know how to tackle the massive amount of work in front of you so you just ignore it. Though needing downtime is understandable, struggling with productivity is not a habit you want to take with you as you begin your career. So how can you help yourself to become more productive? ...Read the full blog post
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