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Career Corner

Current Career Topics for Mount St. Mary's University Students

“How are your grades holding up?”
“Have you chosen a major yet?”
“What are your plans after graduation?”
You might have heard some of these questions over winter break. Relieved that your finals were over you went home thinking your well-deserved break would consist of sleeping in, eating good food, and binge watching that show you had been waiting to watch on Netflix. Instead, you were forced to sit through uncomfortable family gatherings and meals just knowing that eventually someone would turn to you and start asking questions. Questions about your classes, your grades, and then, wait for it… the future....Read the full blog post
Home for the holidays? First, take the time to decompress from that fall semester finals stress and enjoy time to regroup. If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active, then apply that to a job and internship search as well. Break periods are an excellent time to actively search for job and internship opportunities. Use some of that Christmas break free time to help figure out your future. Search for job opportunities, ask career advice from friends and family, and begin to reach out to acquaintances and contacts they might have that could help you....Read the full blog post
JillianOn a dreary grey November day I caught up with Jillian Ellis, who was recently hired as the new Assistant Director of Recruitment and Employer Relations. Despite the weather, our conversation was anything but dull. We chatted not only about the Career Center and the impact she hopes to make but some of her personal interests as well.
Ellis is originally from New Hampshire, but lived in North Carolina for eighteen years. She moved to Pennsylvania about three years ago to be closer to her family. She loves books and her favorite author is Stephen King. Ellis has a cat and loves the arts: music, theater, dance, and visual arts....Read the full blog post
ResumeEveryone needs a resume. Whether you are currently applying to a position or not, it is important to have a resume on hand.  Once you are thoroughly into the job or internship search, you will realize that you might have a few different resumes that are tailored to a particular position.  Resumes are most often skimmed, not read, and are sometimes scanned by a computer program first. That is why a well written and aesthetically- formatted resume is so important; it helps you stand out. Your resume should tell the story of your achievements and past work experience.  It shouldn’t just say, “Wrote articles for the Career Corner blog.” Instead, you could say, “Researched and authored multiple articles for the Career Corner Blog and The Mountain Echo in addition to compiling the Internship Bulletin.”...Read the full blog post
Halloween might be over but the excitement isn’t finished yet, it’s Federal Agency Week. Federal Agency Week is in its fourth year at the Mount and is a series of info sessions run by the Secret Service, The NSA, The FBI and The Department of State. These esteemed organizations are interested in talking to well-rounded students of all majors and backgrounds. If you are interested in working for a Federal agency post -graduation or looking for an internship, you should seriously consider attending the Federal Agency week information session that appeals to you....Read the full blog post
Dear Freshman Me,
It’s okay to change your major. 
Senior Me
Freshman year I arrived at the Mount wanting to be a High School English teacher.   I took one education class and felt ambivalent about it.  So I took another.  But there was still something missing.  I wasn’t as interested in my education classes as I thought I would be.  So I signed up for a class I was interested in, a communication course called Media & Society and I never looked back.  I had an idea about what I wanted to switch to, so changing majors wasn’t as stressful as it could have been....Read the full blog post
Mount in WashingtonWashington, D.C. is rich in history, diversity and internships just waiting to be applied for.  Not a political science major?  That is okay.  The Mount in Washington Program is open to any major.  Sophomores and above, including recent graduates, are allowed to apply if they meet program application requirements.  Students in the program can earn up to 15 credits from the Mount during the course of their internship.
The Mount is partnered with two organizations in Washington D.C. that specialize in experiential learning: The Washington Center and the Washington Internship Institute....Read the full blog post
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