I'm sure at this point of the semester we're all thinking the same thing: how is it already the end of this fall semester? It seems like just yesterday that we received the syllabus for each of our classes, and now we are receiving review sheets for all our final exams. This semester just seemed to fly by, and yet here we are in the midst of preparing for final exams.

M OrnerI know that I am personally finding it hard to believe that it is already my last week interning at the Career Center this fall semester. This has all been such a great experience, and I could not be happier with my decision to intern here. This internship gave me the opportunity to improve my writing and editing skills by writing weekly articles for the Mountain Echo newspaper and the Career Corner blog, and I was also introduced to some basic marketing principles. I feel like I was really able to grow as a person and as a writer throughout this whole experience.

This internship also provided me with a very deep insight into the inner workings of the Career Center, and I was given the opportunity to understand more about professional marketing, promoting, and event planning on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing my internship in the spring and seeing how this experience will help me in my future career.

The Career Center will be starting a new initiative in the spring: the Peer Career Advising Program. The Peer Career Advising Program will most likely resemble the Peer Tutoring program here on campus, but it will involve career coaching instead of academic coaching. Peer Career Advisors, or PCA's, will have the opportunity to provide students with resume review and tips, cover letter information, reference page information, interviewing skills, networking and LinkedIn information, an introduction to College Central and Career Center resources, and overall professionalism. I look forward to being a part of this program. Be sure to lookout for more information about this program at the start of next semester!

I would like to thank Clare, Matt and Naomi for giving me this great opportunity. I encourage everyone at the Mount to consider interning at the Career Center. It is such a great work environment, and just like any other internship, it was such a great learning experience!

I hope everyone had a great semester, and good luck on your finals! Have a nice and relaxing break, and I'll see you next semester!