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Mission Statement

stained galss imageThe mission of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary is the formation of men for the Roman Catholic diocesan priesthood in the service of the Kingdom of God. Mount St. Mary’s Seminary aims to establish a foundation within the seminarians for a lifetime of priestly ministry within the Church. This foundation is an intimate relationship with God the Father in Jesus Christ His Son through the Holy Spirit, a relationship nourished by Scripture and Tradition, celebrated in the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, and marked by a sincere devotion to Mary, the Mother of God and Mother of the Church.

Through the interrelated components of priestly formation—human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral—the Seminary strives to train men, called as priests to be living images of Jesus Christ, to become more like Christ the Good Shepherd, men of deep humility and genuine pastoral charity. The Seminary prepares the seminarians to share in a special way in the three-fold office of Christ: teaching the Gospel, celebrating the divine mysteries, and shepherding God’s people. In its deep communion with the whole Church and its fidelity to Church teaching, the Seminary prepares its future priests to be men of ecclesial communion, united by special bonds with the Pope, the College of Bishops, their own Bishops, other priests, consecrated religious and the lay faithful.

A distinctive characteristic of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary is that it is an integral part of Mount St. Mary’s University. The various components of the university share the common ground of having been born from the heart of the Church. They are thus able to seek together in faith a more profound understanding of the Christian mystery. Not only does this relationship within the university provide the resources and support for academic, cultural and physical development, but it also provides seminarians with opportunities for learning pastoral skills for their future ministry, especially in the parish.

(Revisions approved by the Board of Trustees, June 2010)

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