Super Bowl Food

Along with millions of other Americans, the Mount seminary community gathered in the rec room Sunday, February 3rd, to partake in the annual Super Bowl party. The class of second theology was enlisted to provide the food, drinks, and entertainment as a class fundraiser. Eric Bolek (S’15, Peoria) was in charge of the entire effort, and Dr. Jay Alexius (S’15, Lake Charles) headed up the cooking crew for the evening. The Super Bowl this year matched up the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in the New Orleans Superdome. With the game played in New Orleans, the second theology class opted to host a New Orleans themed party, and no good New Orleans party is complete without an abundance of gumbo. Along with the gumbo, Zapp’s Crawtator Potato Chips, another Louisiana favorite, was shipped to the seminary in bulk in time for the big game. As far as the play on the field went, the majority of those attending the Mount’s party were cheering for the hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens, and they did not walk away disappointed. While the 49ers managed to make a valiant comeback after Baltimore’s first half dominance, in the end the Ravens walked away with the 34-31 Superbowl XLVII victory, capping off a great evening of fraternity among seminarians and visitors alike.

Super Bowl