The annual celebration of the Festa di San Guiseppe (Feast of St. Joseph) hosted by seminary Vice-Rector of Pastoral Formation, Fr. Ken Brighenti, was held on Saturday evening, March 17. Since St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, fell on a Monday this year, the festivities were held on the evening of the 17th in conjunction with a celebration in honor of St. Patrick. As in previous years, many friends and family of Fr. Brighenti traveled to the seminary from New Jersey and assisted him in hosting the party. In keeping with the tradition of a St. Joseph Table, there was plenty of cheese pizza, St. Joseph pastries, Italian cookies, Reggiano Parmegiano cheese, Italian bread and olive oil, prosciutto di parma, as well as homemade wine. After praying to both St. Patrick and St. Joseph, seminary rector, Msgr. Rohlfs, blessed the food at 6 pm, officially beginning the party. As the evening drew on, the community enjoyed the music on the rec-room patio led by a band composed of Brian McAllister (S’14, Arlington), Matt Capadano (S’14, Omaha), and Corey Krengiel (S’14, Peoria). Everyone had a great time either participating in or watching others in their best attempts at karaoke. Lastly, the party would not have been possible without the generous support of a number of people, most notably Drs. Burkhard, who donated the St. Joseph Pastries, Dr. Frauenhoffer, who donated the cookies, Mr. Louis Falconeri, who donated the bread, cheese, and olive oil, Mr. Mario DeFilippis and Mr. Ciro Maddaluna, who brought their homemade wine, and Ms. Ann Louise Bongiovi and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tardiff, who provided the cold cuts and pizza.