A group of about 20 seminarians joined Fr. Brian Doerr on March 10th for a day of trail building on St. Mary’s Mountain, at the foot of which rests the seminary and university. Dating back to the times of the Civil War, seminarians have enjoyed hiking to a popular area high on the mountain known as “Indian Lookout” to enjoy a beautiful and prayerful view of the valley below. Unfortunately, up to the present, no true trail has existed to connect the seminary to the lookout. However, shortly after Fr. Brian Doerr’s (Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana) arrival at the seminary this past fall as Vice-Rector of Human Formation, he sought to find a way to formalize this popular hiking trail. Fr. Doerr’s plans for building the trail incorporated a number of goals such as to preserve the historic heritage of the Mountain, to preserve the ecology of the Mountain, to provide a wonderful recreational opportunity for the community, and to provide the men of the seminary with a labor intensive project for physical health and mental sanity. After contracting with Mr. John Bradford, a certified trail builder with the National Forest Service who is also active in ministry to men in the Catholic Church, the seminarians were finally ready to begin their project on Saturday, March 10. After attending Mass at 5 AM, the group put in a full day’s work of clearing trees, collecting trash, putting into place natural steps, etc. Completing the first part of the project by 2 PM, they returned to the seminary excited about the next opportunity to continue their work on the mountain.