At the conclusion of the oath of fidelity and profession of faith during Sunday Vespers on February 19, the seminary celebrated with the final Slavinskas Feast. For the past six years, the family of Deacon Jonathan Slavinskas from the Diocese of Worcester, MA has hosted a grand feast for the entire community. Over the past half a decade, the seminarians have grown accustomed to the fine Italian dining provided by the Slavinskas family each spring. The occasion this year did not leave anyone disappointed either in the quality of food or in the generosity of the Slavinskases. With Deacon Jonathan set to be ordained a priest at the conclusion of this academic year, the feast this year was “the last supper” the Slavinskases will host at the Mount. This is an event that the veteran seminarians will surely miss in the coming years, though everyone is grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this great tradition and witness of Christian charity by the Slavinskas family.