During Vespers on Sunday February 19, the students of third and fourth theology took one of the final steps before approaching Holy Orders this coming spring. The third year men, preparing for ordination to the deaconate, made both the profession of faith and took the oath of fidelity to the diaconal office to which they will soon be ordained. Meanwhile, the fourth year deacons took the oath of fidelity to the sacerdotal office which will be bestowed upon them at their priestly ordination in a few short months. Prior to the profession of faith and taking of the oaths, the Mount’s rector, Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs, gave a brief ferverino expounding upon the meaning and importance of an oath. The taking of oaths, Msgr. Rohlfs explained, is the most profound witness that one can make to his belief and dedication to a cause. Consequently, the canonical law of the Church requires that all candidates take such oaths prior to reception of Holy Orders. Numerous family, friends, and seminary faculty were on hand to witness these men on this joyous occasion in preparation for the orders.