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CHUR Concentration

Church History Concentration Requirements

Four foundational courses (12 credits):

LITY 501      Introduction to the Liturgy
MORL 501    Fundamental Moral Theology I
SCRP 501    Introduction to Biblical Studies
SYST 501    Revelation, Faith, Theology

Four area core courses (12 credits):

CHUR 501    The First Millennium
CHUR 502    Medieval and Renaissance
CHUR 601    Modern and Contemporary
CHUR 802    The Church in the USA

Three cores from other areas as suggested (9 credits):

MORL 802     Marriage and Family
SCRP 701      Luke and Acts
SYST 605      Protology and Anthropology

Three electives from among (6 credits):

CHUR 906     The Church in the XX Century
CHUR 908     The Black Catholic Experience
CHUR 911     ResearchSeminar:Church/USA
CHUR 912     Church in Latin America
CHUR 913     Hispanics and Church in USA
CHUR 914     American Catholic Culture
CHUR 917     History of Religion in the USA

Research Portfolio (3 credits)

Containing three Church History research projects
or a thesis + 1 additional research project

Additional coursework

Inclusive of credits earned in the thesis option for a total of 48 credits applied toward the M.A. Theology degree.

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