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Seminary Language Electives

English as a Second Language

EASL 090 English for Theology Tutorials (1 to 3 credits per semester)
Individual or small group instruction. The content and level varies according to the individual’s needs and skill level. Topics range from pronunciation, speaking and listening comprehension to writing, vocabulary development and grammar. The focus is on instruction leading to the development of communication skills effective not only with academic audiences but also in preparation for priestly service. The tutorial is designed to improve speech clarity through the study and practice of sounds and rhythm patterns of North American English. Writing skills are developed through instruction centered on assignments from seminary classes. Grammar forms are learned both through traditional rule-based methods and in the context of writing. Vocabulary development focuses on mastery of terminology necessary for seminary studies. Repeatable, as needed.

Biblical Greek

GREK 950-960 Biblical Greek I and II (3 per semester)
An introduction to the basic grammar, syntax and vocabulary of Koine Greek with translation of passages from the New Testament. Two semesters of Biblical Greek (GREK 950-960, or the equivalent) is required for the S.T.B. degree and may fulfill the language requirement for Sacred Scripture concentrators in the M.A. (theology) degree program. (Offered odd academic years)

Biblical Hebrew

HEBR 950-960 Biblical Hebrew I and II (3 per semester)
An introduction to Biblical Hebrew designed to enable the student to read the Old Testament in Hebrew, building vocabulary by studying words based upon frequency of use. Basic grammar and syntax are explained. May fulfill the language requirement for Scared Scripture concentrators in the M.A. (theology) degree program.

Ecclesiastical Latin

LATN 950-960 Ecclesiastical Latin I and II (3 credits per semester)
An introduction to the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar of the Latin language as it has been used in the Christian Church. A basic reading proficiency in Ecclesiastical Latin (LATN 950-960, or the equivalent) is prerequisite for admission to the S.T.B. degree program. (Offered even academic years)

LATN 970-980 Liturgical Latin Refresher (1 credit/pass-fail per semester)
Readings in Ecclesiastical Latin in all genres and from all periods of the church. The course builds upon prior knowledge of the language, and assumes that students will have had two college semesters or the equivalent of classical or ecclesiastical Latin. (Offered odd academic years)

Pastoral Spanish

PATH 950-960 Beginning Pastoral Spanish I and II (3 per semester)
An intensive introduction to the Spanish language in the form most useful in Hispanic pastoral ministry in the United States or mission work in Latin America. The course will develop the seminarian's ability to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish.

PATH 970-980 Intermediate Pastoral; Spanish I and II (3 per semester)
A Seminary elective taught in-house with grammar, vocabulary, and drill aimed at the ministry of the deacon and priest. Instruction level adjusted by enrollment.

PATH 990 Advanced Pastoral Spanish (1 per semester)
Practice in conversation and in the composition and delivery of homilies, or other compositions related to faith or morals in Spanish, emphasizing clarity of style and pronunciation. Repeatable, as needed.

Language courses are also available in French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish through arrangements with the University's Department of Foreign Languages.

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