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Pre-theology Formation Courses

PPHL 505/MAP 505 Natural Theology (3)
This course examines the truths about God that can be known through reason. It focuses principally on the natural theology of St. Thomas Aquinas and concludes with a discussion of contemporary approaches to natural theology.

PPHL 506/MAP 506 Philosophical Anthropology (3)
This course introduces students to the philosophy of the human person, tracing the development of philosophical anthropology through the writings of major philosophers, and culminating in the personalism of Pope John Paul II.

PTHL 001 Catechism of the Catholic Church I (3)
This course seeks to introduce students, who may or may not lack any developed comprehension of Catholic doctrine and tradition, to a systematic presentation of the major articles of faith, and to a detailed commentary on the history and foundations of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Parts I and II. Prerequisite for the S.T.B. program.

PTHL 002 Catechism of the Catholic Church II (3)
This course treats content of the third and fourth pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and gives attention to how this content may be effectively taught to youth and adults by a study and comparison of the Universal catechism and the USCCB Catechism for Adults and the YouCat edition of the Catechism. Building on a foundation of Christian faith (Pillar I) and of the sacramental system of the Church (Pillar II) we will study the moral life worthy of the dignity of a Christian called to live the Gospel of Christ in Pillar III. Concluding our course, the course continues to Pillar IV the teachings on Christian Prayer as the living out of the mystery of our faith in relationship with God. This course prepared candidates for the two day workshop on Catechetics and the yearlong pastoral field education placement in Catholic Education. S.T.B. candidates are expected to complete both the workshop and the placement as a requirement of their program.

PTHL 003 Pre-theology Formation Pro-Seminar (3)
A study of the Church’s vision of priestly formation as presented in Pastores Dabo Vobis and The Program of Priestly Formation (PPF) as implemented at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. The course will focus on the various theological and philosophical issues associated with the four major areas of priestly formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation. Included as part of PTHL 003, a writing pro-seminar is required of all first year pre-theologians. Three sessions of about 50 minutes will be scheduled near the beginning of the fall semester each year and taught by a seminary professor. The content of the sessions includes: an overview of the writing process, with particular attention on the requirements for papers written during the first year of pre-theology, training regarding proofreading fellow students' papers to improve coherence and clarity, and instruction in the Boynton Beach and Turabian style sheets and MLA documentation. Pass/Fail.

PTHL 004 Prayer According to the Scriptures (2)
A study of the selected prayers and instructions for prayer in both the Old and New Testaments with special attention to the Psalms and to the prayers of Jesus. Examples of the Christian use of the Bible for various forms of meditative prayer will also be studied. The course provides the opportunity to consider helping others to use the Bible for prayer.

PTHL 005 Vocation, Discernment, and the Spiritual Exercises (2)
An introduction to the concepts of personal vocation, the dynamics of discernment, and key elements of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.

PTHL 006 Introduction to Vatican II Documents (2)
Overview of the historical and theological context of the Second Vatican Council; survey of its documents and their continuing implementation in the life of the Church.

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