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Grotto Water

The water from the Grotto tap, located alongside the round pool below Corpus Christi Chapel, is directly from Mary’s mountain creek. Above the Grotto are two springs where fresh water comes out of the mountain; these creeks run down the hill, stream together and run by the Grotto cave. The water is pure and fresh and quite clean. Because of state regulations, we filter the water through an ultraviolet filter to cleanse it of any impurities or bacteria; nothing, however, is added to the water. It then comes out of the tap by the pool.

The Grotto spring water as it comes out of the tap is “blessed,”.  Any way you take it from the Grotto, the water still may remind you of Jesus Himself who is life-giving water.

Many pilgrims visit just for the Grotto water. Many believe that its natural properties are cleansing and healthy for the body and soul; others believe it can heal. Although there are no documented miracles, many have reported favors and graces from drinking the Grotto spring water.

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