processionA memorable devotion centered about the old Grotto was the annual Corpus Christi procession. It was during Archbishop Purcell's term as president of the college (1829-1833) that these annual processions to the Grotto over Brute's paths began, or at least began to be chronicled, and another charm was added to the Mountain.

The "Story of the Mountain" contains a number of articles by Mountaineers who try to put into words the unspeakable joy of their memory of these holy occasions. Reading them, we are reminded of the comment of the poet Miles: "Who can wonder that we turn with overflowing hearts to Mount Staint Mary's and speak to her with a tenderness that makes a worldling smile."

The lovely road between the site of the old church and the Grotto is still called the "Aisle of the Corpus Christi Procession."