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Change is never easy and it can be overwhelming when it relates to your career. While day-to-day job duties make for a comfortable routine, "comfortable" can also leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Here are five signs you're ready to make a career change – whether you're seeking a promotion or beginning a new venture.

  1. Your eye is on your inbox. Every time HR sends internal job announcements or LinkedIn distributes an email about jobs you may be interested in, you find yourself intrigued.
  2. Others look to you for advice. If you’ve become a point person, it may mean you’re a candidate for more responsibility at your current organization or that you've been at your organization too long.
  3. You’re taking on more work. This could mean you're ready for a promotion because you're working at a higher level, you have enough free time to adopt new job responsibilities or that your organization is taking advantage of your talents.
  4. You can’t afford not to. If you're living paycheck to paycheck, kicking your career into high gear is an investment of time and/or money that will pay off in the long run.
  5. You begin sentences with “If I’m here next year…” This is a sure indicator that you've mentally checked out of your current responsibilities.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, you're likely ready to make a change! Begin by exploring professional and continuing studies that will give you the knowledge, tools and strategies to take your career to the next level. If you're worried about how you'll manage balancing work, life and school, keep an eye out for the next post on Thursday, September 11.

So perhaps you started college, have some credits under your belt, but something happened along the way and you never quite finished that degree. If I could give you two very good reasons why it is time, as our friends at Nike might say, "Just finish it!" would you be interested?

Rising Earnings Chart

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

You wouldn't dream of walking away from potential income, right? However, that is exactly what can happen when you don't finish your degree. Recently released data from the Pew Research Center shows the median annual earnings for college graduates outpaces students with some college or a two-year degree by $15,000. For those with only a high school diploma the gap grows to $17,500.

Let's just look at what a $17,500 salary gap could mean over your work life. An employee with only a high school education who is 25 years old today could potentially be losing out on $700,000 in income by the time they reach retirement at age 65

Greater Satisfaction!

Unlike the Rolling Stones who sing, "I can't get no satisfaction" it seems that young adults with a college degree report significantly higher satisfaction in their current work. The Pew Research Center data shows that 56% of young adults with a college degree are very satisfied with their current job vs. 44% of high school graduates. Given we spend a significant portion of our week, 33%, at work, doesn't it logically follow work time should be more enjoyable? Of additional note, to even get these higher satisfaction jobs, 68% of young adults stated the position required a college degree. Both of these points, satisfaction and access to jobs underscore why finishing your degree offers intrinsic value.

Chart comparing Education and Work

What Do I Do Next?

The good news is by this point you realize finishing your degree offers the potential to earn more and have greater satisfaction while doing it. So what are your next steps? The Mount offers undergraduate programs specifically designed for working adults including Business, Elementary Education, Criminal Justice and coming soon a degree in Human Services. Classes are conveniently held at the Frederick Campus of Mount St Mary's, which is located near the FSK mall. In contrast to a traditional 15-week semester, most courses are offered in accelerated 5- or 8-week sessions allowing students to expeditiously complete their degree. Classes meet once each week, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Sessions run on a year-round schedule. Students may also obtain college credits through testing (CLEP, DSST) or portfolio development designed to assess prior learning.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our academic advisor Janene Horne: or (301) 682-8315 and find out more about how the Mount's Accelerated Undergraduate Degree Program can help you finish that degree.

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