CJ student reviewing researchAt the request of current Frederick City Police Chief, Kim C. Dine, a research team from the Criminal Justice Student Association of Mount Saint Mary’s University conducted an evaluation of the Frederick City Police Department’s Police Activities League Program (PAL) located in the Sagner Community in Frederick.

The Police Activities League was originally founded to help decrease the amount of delinquent activities juveniles were committing in the city of New York.  In addition, it also provided a place of refuge for at-risk children. Since the creation of the New York City PAL Program, it has become nationally recognized. PAL programs are continually developing, improving, thus, executing an invaluable service to the communities they serve.  The Police Activities League and like programs have been researched in the past; however, no extensive evaluation has ever been done.

This comprehensive study provides a firsthand look at the Frederick City PAL Program and hence becomes an innovative study nationally. 

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