Community Ambassadors at Celebrate Frederick event

Recognizing the challenges presented by expanded and expensive advertising channels, the Frederick staff devised a new outreach program. Volunteers have been recruited to attend area events, man tables at a wide range of community activities, and for service on a variety of committees. These volunteers will serve as “community ambassadors” for Mount St. Mary's University. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the Frederick Center and the programs offered there, and to increase enrollment in those programs.

The venues for volunteer service were made possible through the re-direction of marketing dollars as sponsorships of organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Fort Detrick Alliance, Frederick Keys Baseball, Celebrate Frederick, and the Weinberg Center for the Arts.  Kelly Kresky, who recruits and manages conferences at the Frederick Center, and who will coordinate the placement of volunteers in the community, said she hopes to expand the volunteer army to include students and Mount alums.  “They will be our stars,” she said, adding that “we want this to be a fun and rewarding experience, and I also think that this can be, and will be, a leadership opportunity for many.”

The Community Ambassador program has been developed in the belief that higher education is a relationship-built enterprise.  “One student at a time,” observed President Powell.  “The greatest buildings and structures in the world were built brick by brick, stone by stone.  We will build a great program in Frederick and in the region.”