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The Fifth Pillar Society

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What is the Fifth Pillar Society?
The Fifth Pillar Society is a group of dedicated Mount students who are committed to educating their peers on the importance of giving back to the Mount community and society in general. The Fifth Pillar Society participates in numerous events on campus to encourage their fellow students to give of their time, treasure and talent to better serve the Mount and the world.

Why is giving back to the Mount so important?
Giving back to Mount St. Mary’s University is a point of pride for students, alumni, parents and staff. It shows we are grateful for all the wonderful things the Mount has provided for us. Perhaps more importantly, giving back to the Mount helps to support many of the programs each of us enjoys daily. Here are just a few of the things which donations from generous Mounties have made possible:

  • Over $15 million in scholarships given out each year to deserving students

  • Beautiful building projects like the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center and the Terrace Renovations

  • Updated technology in Mount classrooms and the Phillips Library

  • Continuing research and scholarship for our outstanding faculty

  • And - student programs and organizations, like AMP and Intramurals

Did you Know?
Part of the job of the Fifth Pillar Society is to help educate current Mount students to understand that tuition alone does not run the University. If the Mount ran on tuition alone, many of the programs students currently enjoy would be unable to operate. Here are some figures you should know:

  • Last year, the average award for incoming freshman in scholarships and aid was $24,287

  • Seniors gave $1,663 to their class gift last year and over 66% of the Class of 2012 made gifts of $1 or more

Other Facts About Giving

  • Mount students and alumni can donate to any cause on campus, even in honor of a professor or to a school.

  • Donations from students and alumni help to increase the value of our degrees since they increase the prestige of receiving a Mount education

  • You can donate in any amount you choose! Some may give more, some less, but the participation really counts!

What are We Doing on Campus?

  • Creating a class seal or slogan to represent each class as students and, in the future, as Mount alumni.

  • Join us for Class Clash March 15–April 5 to kick-off Philanthropy Awareness Day. See how much change your class can raise!

  • Philanthropy Awareness Day is April 5 - learn more about giving back and to thank our supporters.

How Can I Get Involved with the Fifth Pillar Society?
You can learn more about the Fifth Pillar Society program and our events here on our webpage or you can email us at for more information.

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