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Friends, if you are right on the schedule you might have noticed that you just reached the halfway point (The Letter to Philippians chapters 3 & 4) yesterday (Feb. 10). And guess what we find in Phil. 4:13 – “I can do all things in him who strengthens me.  - YES WE CAN!
I’m 4 days behind the schedule… but hope to catch up soon!  Wish you all a blessed feast of Our Lady of Lourdes! – Eranga de Silva

I hope the spiritual workout of the Mount 27 is going well.  I've found that using the audio version of the bible is very helpful to get the reading done, and helps tons when one needs to catch up by a book or two.  If you have or use Spotify, then here is a link of a dramatized version of the New Testament for free:  Dramatized New Testament - ESV.  Or, the Center for Campus Ministry has a few copies available for your listening pleasure.  I've found even using an audio version helps me to hear things in a different way than what I see and hear when I am reading it. The audio version brings the text alive in a whole new way.   Keep up the good work - God love you. 

Deacon Jake

Lectio Divina is a form of prayerful meditation on the word of God.

There are four basic steps in lectio divina:
1. Reading -- What does this text actually say?
2. Meditation -- What does this text say to me? Try putting yourself into the passage.

3. Oratio (prayer) -- What do I want to say to God through this text?
4. Contemplation or action -- What difference might this text make in my life?

Pope Benedict XVI says that the monastic tradition of "lectio divina" is "truly capable of opening up to the faithful the treasures of God's word, but also of bringing about an encounter with Christ, the living word of God."

"In the same way, the Spirit too comes in the aid of our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit itself intercedes with inexpressible groanings."
- Romans 8:26
How are you progressing in the Mount 27 New Testament Challenge?
a.)    I haven’t even started, but I want to start.
b.)   I have started, but am way behind…I haven’t even read the Gospel of Mark.
c.)   I have completed the December section, but am starting to fall behind with Month 2.
d.)  I’m a little behind, but could use some help to catch up.
e.)   I’m pretty much on schedule. Here’s how I did it…
f.)    I’m ahead of schedule. Here are my tips...
g.)   I think I give up!

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