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This Schedule splits the Mount 27 readings for March into daily segments -- making the challenge a little bit easier to manage!

Thank you for making the schedule, Eranga DeSilva!

Download the PDF of the Schedule. PDF ICON

How are you progressing in the Mount 27 New Testament Challenge?
a.)    I haven’t even started, but I want to start.
b.)   I have started, but am way behind…I haven’t even read the Gospel of Mark.
c.)   I have completed the December section, but am starting to fall behind with Month 2.
d.)  I’m a little behind, but could use some help to catch up.
e.)   I’m pretty much on schedule. Here’s how I did it…
f.)    I’m ahead of schedule. Here are my tips...
g.)   I think I give up!

Having trouble dividing the readings?  Here's a schedule of the Mount 27 readings planned by day for the months of January and February!

Special thanks to Eranga DeSilva for making this schedule!

Friends, sometimes you may be behind the schedule… but please do not give up! I was about 5 days behind and gradually caught up and I'm glad that I did not give up. Let’s run the race together!

-Eranga DeSilva, Seminarian at the Mount

The idea of this Challenge reading schedule is simple.  There are 260 chapters in the New Testament.  If you read 2 chapters per day of the New Testament, you will complete the entire New Testament in 5 months. 

It’s going to be a Spiritual Workout!  Here are some ground rules:

  • 5 months, 27 New Testament Books.  Start by Sunday, December 16th and end April 30th, 2013.

  • Each month one book of the New Testament will be read out loud as a group on a Sunday afternoon.  Join fellow Challenge participants for study and catch up:
    Sunday, Jan. 20th – 2 Corinthians
    Sunday, Feb. 17th – Letter to the Romans
    Sunday, Mar. 10th – Letter to the Hebrews
    Sunday, Apr. 14th – Book of Revelation 1-11
    Sunday, Apr. 21st – Book of Revelation 12-22

  • It’s permissible to listen to books of the New Testament on CD as long as you give it reasonable attention!  Campus Ministry has 3 sets of the New Testament CDs that can be checkout out.

  • You must stay up to date and cannot fall more than two sections behind to complete Mount 27.

There are over 75 Mount students, faculty, and staff taking up this Challenge!  Find a friend and help keep each other on track and check the reading schedule.  Read this blog to hear about the progress of the Challenge and find encouragement!  

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