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We better catch up the readings for this month because next month is going to be pretty full with the book of Acts and the book of Revelation. If we are on the schedule for Mount 27 at the end of the month, we will only have 3 books of the New Testament to read in April... :)
Let's spend some extra time reading the New Testament during the Holy Week! God bless you all!

~ Seminarian Eranga de Silva

The Mount 27 is a pretty cool opportunity. Not many people have the chance or find the time to read the whole New Testament straight through; usually we only hear bits and pieces of it during the Liturgy of the Word. It is definitely cool to read it continuously and see the natural flow that St. Paul and the Gospel writers intended for. Now if only I could keep up with the readings so as not to fall behind!

Meghan Sprankle, MSM C'14

I hope the spiritual workout of the Mount 27 is going well.  I've found that using the audio version of the bible is very helpful to get the reading done, and helps tons when one needs to catch up by a book or two.  If you have or use Spotify, then here is a link of a dramatized version of the New Testament for free:  Dramatized New Testament - ESV.  Or, the Center for Campus Ministry has a few copies available for your listening pleasure.  I've found even using an audio version helps me to hear things in a different way than what I see and hear when I am reading it. The audio version brings the text alive in a whole new way.   Keep up the good work - God love you. 

Deacon Jake

I just began to pray with scripture this year, but I mosey along by reflecting on one or two parables a month. Mount 27 is giving me a chance to see everything the New Testament has to offer, and it still engages me and draws me in because of the pace, I keep writing in "Why, why why," in the margins. Scripture is the most interactive literature out there, and now I'm just scraping the surface. It clearly will be something I will be reading throughout my life.

-Carolyn Shields, MSM C'14

The idea of this Challenge reading schedule is simple.  There are 260 chapters in the New Testament.  If you read 2 chapters per day of the New Testament, you will complete the entire New Testament in 5 months. 

It’s going to be a Spiritual Workout!  Here are some ground rules:

  • 5 months, 27 New Testament Books.  Start by Sunday, December 16th and end April 30th, 2013.

  • Each month one book of the New Testament will be read out loud as a group on a Sunday afternoon.  Join fellow Challenge participants for study and catch up:
    Sunday, Jan. 20th – 2 Corinthians
    Sunday, Feb. 17th – Letter to the Romans
    Sunday, Mar. 10th – Letter to the Hebrews
    Sunday, Apr. 14th – Book of Revelation 1-11
    Sunday, Apr. 21st – Book of Revelation 12-22

  • It’s permissible to listen to books of the New Testament on CD as long as you give it reasonable attention!  Campus Ministry has 3 sets of the New Testament CDs that can be checkout out.

  • You must stay up to date and cannot fall more than two sections behind to complete Mount 27.

There are over 75 Mount students, faculty, and staff taking up this Challenge!  Find a friend and help keep each other on track and check the reading schedule.  Read this blog to hear about the progress of the Challenge and find encouragement!  

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