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We better catch up the readings for this month because next month is going to be pretty full with the book of Acts and the book of Revelation. If we are on the schedule for Mount 27 at the end of the month, we will only have 3 books of the New Testament to read in April... :)
Let's spend some extra time reading the New Testament during the Holy Week! God bless you all!

~ Seminarian Eranga de Silva

This Schedule splits the Mount 27 readings for March into daily segments -- making the challenge a little bit easier to manage!

Thank you for making the schedule, Eranga DeSilva!

Download the PDF of the Schedule. PDF ICON

I just began to pray with scripture this year, but I mosey along by reflecting on one or two parables a month. Mount 27 is giving me a chance to see everything the New Testament has to offer, and it still engages me and draws me in because of the pace, I keep writing in "Why, why why," in the margins. Scripture is the most interactive literature out there, and now I'm just scraping the surface. It clearly will be something I will be reading throughout my life.

-Carolyn Shields, MSM C'14

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