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This Blog Gives You a Place to Share Your Challenge
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How are you progressing in the Mount 27 New Testament Challenge?
a.)    I haven’t even started, but I want to start.
b.)   I have started, but am way behind…I haven’t even read the Gospel of Mark.
c.)   I have completed the December section, but am starting to fall behind with Month 2.
d.)  I’m a little behind, but could use some help to catch up.
e.)   I’m pretty much on schedule. Here’s how I did it…
f.)    I’m ahead of schedule. Here are my tips...
g.)   I think I give up!

“I decided to participate in the Mount 27 because I knew it would challenge me to read/pray with Scripture, which is something I never really had done before.  Since I enjoy a challenge I decided now was the time for me to break the ice and start reading some Scripture.
RJ Dogal, MSM C’13

“I decided to participate in Mount 27 because I have always wanted to read Scripture more, but find that I often do not make the time. I feel that the accountability of participating will encourage me to read more often, more prayerfully, and more thoughtfully.”
Margaret Kenney, MSM C’13

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