Wednesday, April 12
Josey Chacko
Associate Professor of
Logistics & Supply Chain
Management, Business


Thirty Pieces of Bling


“Judas asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus?’ ” -John 12:3


Judas settled for thirty pieces of silver; was the life of Jesus worth only this much?


From the Gospel, we learn that Judas was quite good with financial analysis. He was quick to evaluate the nard perfume, which was poured on Jesus’ feet by Mary, at three hundred pieces of silver. So, why was Judas offering Christ at a discounted rate? Should Judas have negotiated for more payment?


Though interesting, that is the wrong question. A more appropriate question would be: Judas valued Jesus at thirty pieces of silver; how about you?


Is Jesus calling on you today to place value on people, on friends and family? If He is, you should probably listen. He knows a thing or two about human valuation … He gave His life for you.


Good Shepherd, challenge me today to see humans the way You do, to value life,  relationships, and the community I share at the Mount. Today, let me stop counting the cost and start counting the blessing. Amen.


Is 50: 4-9a          Ps 69: 8-10, 21-22, 31, 33-34        MT: 26 14-25