Maria Marinelli, C '14


"When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him and
took his wife into his home."

Matthew 1:24


Today we celebrate St. Joseph as the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is the Tower of Ivory, just as a tower is a symbol of a nation's power, it is also in need of great fortification and protection. Should the enemy overtake the tower, the battle would surely be lost. St. Bernardine of Siena said that Mary and Jesus were God's "most precious treasures," and Joseph was chosen to be their protector. Joseph was given a crucial role in God's plan for our salvation; and as protector and provider, he had to rely fully on God. It was through Joseph's great humility and surrender to God's will that the grace of God protected and sustained the Holy Family.


Mary is also called the Tower of David. How beautiful the love and protection of St. Joseph, descendant of King David, fortified the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin, building up this holy Tower to withstand the sorrows she endured during his life, and to prepare for the greatest suffering she would endure - the death of her Son.


Lord Jesus, I ask You to strengthen my faith in You in imitation of St. Joseph, the head of Your Holy Family and the dutiful husband of Your Blessed Mother. Grant me the grace to grow in discipline, courage, purity, and selfless love, in imitation of Your Holy Family. Amen

Jer 18: 18-20, Ps 31: 5-6, 14-16; Mt 20: 17-28