Saturday, April 1
Katherine Lowe
Class of 2018   

Not-So-Innocent Justice


God is a shield above me saving the upright of heart. God is a just judge,
powerful and patient, not exercising anger every day. -Psalm 7:11-12


The overwhelming theme of today’s readings is that of justice. Jeremiah trusts God to bring justice to those who plot against him, the Psalm sings of the Justice of God, and in the Gospel, Nicodemus scolds the Pharisees for their unjust prejudice against Christ. Sometimes it is difficult to discern justice from pettiness. Many of us try to be present for God in our daily lives, so we expect Him to fight our little grievances for us. A teacher gives a bad grade, a parent or a friend takes their frustration out on you, a person you trust lets you down again, and you wish God would come down and make them pay for the pain they’ve caused you. We can become patient in the worst way possible, willing to serve God if He will punish our enemies in a fulfillment of our own grudge matches. This is not God’s justice. God came for all and continues to love those who hurt us as much as He loves us. Lent is a time to reflect on the mercy and justice of redemption offered to all who are willing to take it. The Savior has come for you and your neighbor. Let us not become consumed with our own little sufferings and forget the suffering He endured for all mankind. The justice we seek is not for us to determine, since  we all have failed to be just, like the Pharisees in the gospel who ask, “Does our law condemn a person before it first hears him and finds out what he is doing” (Jn 7:51). Trust in God and the importance of sincere forgiveness in His Justice. Through growing to truly love your neighbor and the mercy they deserve this Lent, we can grow closer to God Himself.


God, the true source of Justice and Mercy, help me trust in Your Will. Amen.


Jer 11: 18-20       Ps 7: 2-3, 9bc-10, 11-12        Jn 7:40-53